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Top Tens | Things to do in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania | Top 10 Things to do on a Camping Trip


Throughout the state of Pennsylvania there are many amazing things to do. These activities can range from taking a scenic drive to hiking in the Poconos. Here are some of the top ten activities to enjoy in Pennsylvania.


Take a Cave Tour at Crystal Cave Park


This cave was discovered in 1871, and is an amazing underground natural wonder. Visitors to the cave can take tours of the cave, where they can see the calcium crystals and the formations created by water flowing down the walls of the cave. On the 125 acres of Crystal Cave Park, visitors can also enjoy the restaurant, miniature golf course and the sluice, where visitors can purchase some dirt and pour it down the sluice to discover gemstones, emeralds or fossils.


Explore the outdoors in the Pocono Mountains


The Poconos stretch across four counties, and encompass 2,400 square miles of wilderness. Within these mountains there are many opportunities for recreation and preserved natural beauty. Visitors to the Poconos will also find plenty of culture, from art galleries to naturalist museums and music festivals. If you want to combine mountain recreation with aquatic recreation you will find lakes, rivers and waterfalls within the Poconos. They are the an ideal recreational spot within Pennsylvania.


Travel to Mount Washington and the Inclines


If you want to see Pittsburgh, the top of Mt. Washington is an excellent spot to enjoy views of Pittsburgh. Mount Washington was known as "Coal Hill," since it was originally a site for many coal mines. Mt. Washington stands above the city of Pittsburgh at 367 feet high, visitors to the top of Mt. Washington can also see the three rivers. At night you can see a full panorama of Pittsburgh. The very best way to get to the top of Mt. Washington is to take one of the two inclines from the bottom. The two inclines are the Mon Incline, which travels from the Station Square shopping complex, and the Duquesne Incline, which still has its original wooden cable cars and tis top station features photos and displays of the city's history.


Hike the Appalachian National Scenic Trail


The Appalachian Trail is one adventure that every visitor to the east should try to experience. The Trail stretches from Mount Katahdin in Maine to Spring Mountain in Georgia, following the crests of the Appalachian Mountains. There is a large stretch of the Appalachian Trail that passes through Pennsylvania and it is worth some time to hike along this stretch. In general the Pennsylvania stretch of the trail is rocky and moderately difficult, excepting the southern part which has gentle grades and is fairly easy.


Enjoy the Architecture at Fallingwater


Fallingwater is a must see destination for any architecture buff or art lover. The house was designed by the famous American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Fallingwater is one of the most stunning examples of the work of Wright. It exemplifies his ability to incorporate nature with architecture organically. Visitors to the house see it in its original state, with the original furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as well as the original art and furnishings.


Take a Tour through Lancaster Amish Country


The Lancaster Amish Country is a truly unique destination within Pennsylvania. In this part of the country the Amish community speaks the very unique language of Pennsylvania Dutch, which is an exclusively Amish language. Visitors to the Amish community in Lancaster Country can tour the one-story schoolhouse where the Amish children have been educated for generations. In addition, you can walk across a 200 year old wood covered bridge. These are only a few of the very interesting sights to be found within Lancaster Amish Country.


Boat at Black Moshannon State Park


Within this park visitors will find thousands of acres of forest and wetland. The park is surrounded by the Moshannon State Forest, making the park a relatively wild and natural area. In addition the Black Moshannon Lake is located within the park. This lake is surrounded by small streams and bog land, which give the water a dark color, which give it the name "Black." Visitors to Black Moshannon State Park can enjoy a diversity of recreation, including swimming, boating, fishing, mountain biking and plenty of hiking.


Drive along the Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway


The Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway pass through some of the most beautiful and historic parts of Delaware. This Byway travels through beautiful parts of both Pennyslvania and Delaware. The Byway takes visitors to many of the important sites of the Du Pont Legacy, and more. Visitors can explore the Longwood Gardens, the Brandywine River Museum and much more


Bike through Gettysburg National Military Park


This national park provides visitors with a look back in time to the Battle of Gettysburg and the Civil War. The Gettysburg National Military Park Museum and Visitor Center is a good starting point for visiting the park. The museum has an impressive collection of exhibits about Gettysburg during the Civil War. After learning about this spot's significance, visitors can take a tour of the battlefield, including bus tour options as well as self-guided auto tours. Another great way to explore the Battlefield is by Bike, there are even guided bike tours through the park. The Living History programs  at Gettysburg National Military Park are another fun point of interest.


Hike and More at the Promised Land State Park


This park is located on the Pocono Plateau and is surrounded by the Delaware State Forest. Visitors will love exploring the forest and the diverse species, as well as the two beautiful lakes and a few streams. Within this park and the surrounding forest there are over 50 miles of trails for hiking. Along these trails visitors can enjoy seeing waterfalls, seeing the rhododendron's and the fall foliage and more. Promised Land State Park is also great for biking and plenty of water recreation.



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