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Top Picks | Spots for Teenagers

Best RV Travel Spots for Camping with Teenagers

Many people dread going on vacation with their teenagers. These years can be a difficult time for teens and families. However, if you take into account the wishes of your teenager when planning your trip, you can have a fabulous vacation as a family.

One of the first things to remember is that your teen is searching for more independence, so try to find a destination where your teen can stretch their wings. Another way to help your teenager have fun during a family vacation is to offer to bring along one of their friends.

National Parks
Our nation's largest National Parks are places that offer limitless options for fun and adventure for you and your teen. The resorts have good accommodations and amenities. If you visit Yellowstone, you can plan a camping trip or sign up for a variety of tours. The Grand Canyon has plenty of options for adventure, such as the glass-bottomed Skywalk. If you have enough advanced notice, you can make a reservation for a rafting trip or take a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon.

Amusement Parks
Amusement and theme parks like Disney World are also great vacation ideas for teens. An amusement park is filled with families and other teens. There are plenty of activities to keep everyone busy, so your teen won't have time to feel bored.

Washington, DC
Although your teen may not be interested in all of the history you can find in Washington, DC, there are so many diverse activities and attractions that you are sure to find things that both you and your teen will enjoy.

Lake Tahoe, California and Nevada
Lake Tahoe is a great destination for a family vacation throughout the year. Lake Tahoe has top resorts, great beaches, fun water sports, skiing, and much more. You and your teenager will find many things that you can enjoy together. In the winter you can spend time at the amazing ski resorts  where your teen can enjoy all the freedom of exploring the mountain independently. In the summer you can spend time at the beaches and even rent a boat for a wide range of water sports.
Find a Lake Tahoe camping destination.

Orlando, Florida
Orlando is a great destination for everyone. It has everything: beaches, amusement parks, and much more. Orlando has attractions like Universal Studios, Disney World, Sea World, and even the Kennedy Space Center. You are sure to find attractions that will make your teen feel like a kid again. You can plan tours and activities, and if you can't find attractions to engage your teen, the beaches are always the perfect alternative.
Find an Orlando camping destination.

Cruise to Alaska
Cruises are a great way to travel with your teen. Cruise ships have plenty of activities for the whole family. In addition, there are plenty of opportunities for your teen to meet new friends and explore independently. Also, with a destination like Alaska there is plenty to look forward to when you reach your destination.
Find an Alaska camping destination.

New York City, New York

New York is a huge city and is a must-see for everyone. Teenagers, although they may have a cranky attitude occasionally, have a wide range of interests and it is a great time of their lives to explore a city like New York. Your teen may eschew cultural activities like art museums, but a city like New York has plenty of attractions that are geared perfectly to suit your teens. While planning a trip to New York City, ask you teen to find some places they would like to visit, so that you can plan a trip that you will all enjoy.
Find a New York camping destination.


The beautiful state of Hawaii is the perfect vacation destination for the family. Hawaii is a land of adventure -- each island has something unique and exciting to offer. For teens who like nature, there are plenty of hiking and biking adventures. Oahu has great surfing; you can sign the whole family up for surfing lessons. The islands' many resorts have plenty of teen-oriented activities. Your teen will have lots of fun getting to know the other teens on the beaches while surfing, snorkeling, swimming, and soaking up the sun.



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